Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dear Impatience...

This morning, there I was, minding my own business in line for coffee, two tots in the shopping cart minding THEIR own businesses (they're good shoppers, and we needed sandals today for everyone).  The lady in front of me struggled a bit with her form of payment, but she and the cashier worked it out in under five minutes.

The twenty something texter behind me muttered under her breath impatiently about it, "Don't know WHY I come here..."

My turn.  I smile at the cashier, and ask, "May I please have a tall coconut milk with a bit of strawberry in it, no whip, split into--"

The muttering ramped up again, "F**king hippie, non-dairy ordering b*tch taking a million years..."

"--split into two cups with flat lids and trimmed straws for my LACTOSE INTOLERANT CHILD," I turned and looked directly at the mutterer at that point, and smiled, finishing my order, "And a caramel macchiato, skim and Grande, please."  The cashier repeated the order and I nodded.

Still holding the eye of the Bitchy McBitch behind me, I told her sternly, "Patience will bring you many good things in this world, but that mouth of yours will not."  I set an extra $5 on the counter and told the cashier, "That's for the last behind me.  Be the change you want to see and all that."

The girl watched me, jaw slack, as I collected my cups and went on with my shopping.

What a way to start the day.

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