Monday, January 18, 2016

Living at the Doc's Office

Dr. Tiny prescribes more crayons in your diet.
Living here on the Preserve, we usually have really awesome mild weather.  Our Spring starts out muddy and wet sometime around the end of March, and lasts until about Memorial Day.  June kicks off with a sunny stretch that gets gradually warmer and warmer until summer starts mid-July.  Summer ends right around the end of September and Fall stretches through Christmas. 

And all those seasons are awesome, except perhaps a short, two to three week stretch of hot, hot days in the end of August, where I melt.

Did you notice I didn't mention Winter?  That's because Winter SUCKS.  Here in the PNW, we don't get a gorgeous winter wonderland that others get, or milder sunny days that the warm regions see.  NO.  We get slush, ice, and flooding. 
And from the time school starts until the end of March, it's cold season.  If you can count, that's a whopping SEVEN months.  With two toddlers and an 11yo who may herself not get sick, but brings home EVERY bug (including lice last year) and infects the younger two.

We spend a lot of time (and money) on doctor visits - and I'm not even referring to all the specialist visits we have now for Tiny's TSC, but normal, cough and cold and injury doctor's visits. 

So riddle me this, Batman...when you spend a zillion hours in a toyless doctor's office, going back sometimes twice for the same child and cold after it mutates and hits them again, how do you keep them entertained while waiting for the perpetually-late doctor to appear in the doorway and agree with the Mom-dx of an ear/sinus/chest infection?

Well, let's just say sometimes we get creative.  We steal the pens from the front and let the babies draw on the sanitary paper on the exam bench, grab the (non-watermarked) referral pad and write "prescriptions", build paper cup towers, make a water table out of popsicle sticks, the sink, some cups, and paper tape, or just plain take rides around on the doctor's stool.

Today, Squeaky has bronchitis, and we left the Office with an rx written on a prescription paper that was also colored with purple, green, and red crayon.

Thanks, Tiny.  Nice work!

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